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Title: TRIOPO 65cm Softbox - Professional Lighting Solution for Stunning Photography Product Description: * Professional Lighting Solution: The TRIOPO 65cm Softbox is designed to provide professional-quality lighting for your photography needs, ensuring that your subjects are beautifully illuminated with soft, diffused light. * Optimal Size: With a diameter of 65cm (25.6 inches), this softbox offers an ideal size for a variety of photography setups, including portrait, product, and still life photography. * High-Quality Materials: Constructed with durable materials, including premium nylon fabric and a sturdy metal frame, this softbox is built to withstand regular use in studio environments. * Easy Setup: The softbox features a convenient collapsible design that allows for quick and easy setup, making it suitable for both amateur and professional photographers alike. * Adjustable Mounting Bracket: The included mounting bracket allows you to easily attach the softbox to your studio light stand, providing stable support and ensuring optimal positioning for your lighting setup. * Even Light Distribution: The inner surface of the softbox is lined with reflective silver material to help evenly distribute light and minimize hotspots, resulting in smooth and consistent illumination. * Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of studio strobes, speedlights, and continuous lighting setups, this softbox offers versatility and adaptability to suit various photography setups. * Enhance Your Photography: Whether you're capturing portraits, product shots, or creative compositions, the TRIOPO 65cm Softbox is an essential tool for enhancing the quality of your photography and achieving professional results. Shop now at to elevate your photography with the TRIOPO 65cm Softbox and unlock new creative possibilities.