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Product Title: GODOX TT560 Speedlight Camera Product Description: * Versatile Speedlight: The GODOX TT560 Speedlight Camera is a versatile external flash unit designed to enhance your photography experience. * Compatible with Various Cameras: This speedlight is compatible with most DSLR cameras, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm, and more, making it suitable for a wide range of photographers. * Adjustable Power Output: With its adjustable power output ranging from 1/1 to 1/128, you can easily control the intensity of the flash to suit different lighting conditions and creative preferences. * Built-in Wireless Triggering: The TT560 features built-in wireless triggering capabilities, allowing you to trigger the flash remotely without the need for additional accessories, providing greater flexibility in your lighting setups. * Wide Angle Coverage: It offers a wide angle coverage, providing even illumination across a large area, ideal for group shots, indoor events, and low-light photography. * Rotatable and Tiltable Head: The flash head can be rotated horizontally up to 270 degrees and tilted vertically up to 90 degrees, allowing you to bounce the flash off ceilings, walls, or reflectors to achieve softer and more natural-looking lighting effects. * Fast Recycling Time: With a fast recycling time of approximately 0.1-5 seconds, you can capture rapid sequences of shots without missing important moments, ensuring you're always ready to capture the action. * Multi-purpose: The GODOX TT560 Speedlight Camera is suitable for various photography applications, including portrait, wedding, event, product, and macro photography. * Best Use Application:Portrait Photography: Achieve flattering and well-lit portraits by bouncing the flash off ceilings or walls to create soft, diffused lighting. * Event Photography: Capture candid moments at events such as weddings, parties, and concerts with the TT560's fast recycling time and wide angle coverage. * Product Photography: Illuminate products evenly and highlight details with the adjustable power output and versatile positioning options of the TT560. * Macro Photography: Add fill light to close-up shots and reveal intricate details with the precise control over flash intensity provided by the TT560. Upgrade your photography with the GODOX TT560 Speedlight Camera, offering versatility, reliability, and professional-level lighting capabilities.