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Professional Reel Extension Cable Extending mains power from one point to another is always a headache to many. Thanks to this professional extension cable, this no longer needs to be a nerve-racking undertaking. It comes in handy when working a distance away from the mains socket. Be it gardening, backyard work, garage, workshops, inhouse cleaning, public events and ceremonies, this cable will handle your needs. It comes with conveniently designed handle for the much needed portability and a rubber cable winding knob. The extension has three independent sockets with a manual isolation switch with indicator for added safety. With durable recessed sockets, a steel frame and a molded ABS drum they excel in demanding environments It's very easy to use. Just plug (comes with a UK plug), roll and extend the cable, switch it and voila.... Get yours today and say bye bye to power worries. Features * Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use * Heavy duty plastic drum with metal frame * Thermal cut-out protection * Drum winding handle for cable retraction * Carry handle for easy transportation * Winding knob * 25/50M Reel Cable with thermal trip 3 x 230V Sockets * Metal frame with rubber handle * ON/OFF switch with indicator * Tough, impact-resistant cable dispensers for trade and industrial applications * Ideal for DIY, garage, workshops, garden work, outdoor events e.t.c Thank you for viewing our product. In case this is not what you wanted, you can visit our store Specifications KEY FEATURES * Rated voltage: 220-250V * Rated current: 13A * No. of sockets: 3 * Cable length: 25/50M * Core diameter: 1.5mm * No. of cores: 3 Live/Neutral/Earth WHAT’S IN THE BOX 1* 25/50M Extension cable SPECIFICATIONS * SKU: BR187EA1F8KUSNAFAMZ * Model: AIRSTAREXTCB * Size (L x W x H cm): 2500*5000 * Weight (kg): 5.6 * Main Material: Metal and ABS * Care Label: Shelter the power sockets from direct rain.